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Modelling details that matter.

Modelling Services

Fully detailed guard's compartment in a GWR Collett coach.Every model I work on is important, whether it’s for your showcase cabinet, model railway, museum display, based on an off-the-shelf kit or out-of-the-box model.

Details make the difference between an average model and a unique scale replica. Every model I make is carefully researched and detailed as accurately as possible, within the limits of scale. I use readily available detailing parts and custom-made components as necessary.

Working with you

The aim, at every stage, is to meet your requirements. When you call or email me for a quote, I like to discuss what you would like in some detail. I will make suggestions as to details, the preferred finish, ask about how the model will be used, whether you wish to use another supplier for painting and weathering and so on. I want to get as much information from you as I can in order to give me a sound basis upon which to give an accurate price for the job.

Internal details seen through a window of a Mk1 coach.Once you are happy with the brief and the price, I will send you a detailed specification so you know exactly what I will be doing as I build the model for you.

The price I quote is the price you will pay for the completed commission, subject to any further agreed changes once the build begins. I ask for a third of the total price at the outset of construction, with the balance to be paid at the half-way stage (usually when final painting and lettering begins) and upon delivery.

I generally assume you will be purchasing and supplying the relevant kits and accessories, though I will happily handle that aspect for you if you wish. In that case, my quote will include the kit and accessory prices.

Finish It For Me!

An unfinished kit in a shoebox.I offer a “finish it for me” service. We all have models we’ve started with enthusiasm, but which have been put aside and never completed for various reasons. Perhaps you have acquired a part-built kit from that well-known online auction site and don’t quite know what to do next. I am happy to take on part-built projects like this and to complete them to the same standards I would apply to a new build commission.

Repairs and Refurbishment

Applying transfers.You may like to ask me about my repair and refurbishment service. All models, especially those used for public exhibition, can suffer from handling damage, or worse. I am only too happy to give estimates for repairing damage, replacing broken details, or restoring faded or damaged paintwork. I’ll even quote for changing a loco or coach livery.

Building Relationships

I think it is vitally important to build and maintain a good working relationship with you. You will receive regular updates of progress, by email or by post. I will take photos of the work in progress so you can see your model come to life. While I will rarely give a fixed date for completion of a commission, I like to keep you informed if there are any delays or problems along the way. It’s not up to you to chase me; it’s down to me to keep you informed.